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The project owner

Willy van Pruijssen


  • San Jose de Buenavista
  • Philippines

Goal summary

We want to end ignorance of child abuse and replace it with protection of children's rights in 18 municipalities in Antique province of Philippines by training teachers and officials to be the children's advocates.

Project summary

Sexual abuse, particularly of children, is prevalent yet not publicly acknowledged in the small communities within the Philippines. Teacher and officials who have the power and responsibility to address these deeply rooted social problems need to be educated to learn how to recognize signs of abuse within families and ensure that all parties are aware of children's rights and how to protect them.


This project trains all the teachers from 14 schools in the province and approximately 750 officials on how to recognize child abuse and exploitation and how to act to help these children. The project makes sure that meetings in schools and community buildings are taking place and information leaflets are made. The campaign will take place over the period of 38 weeks in 18 municipalities.


  • 750
  • The indirect beneficiaries are the 60,000 children age 0 till 18 living in these communities. The direct beneficiaries are the teachers, community officials, and young advocates who will benefit from the training and information we provide, allowing them
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

My life purpose is to create heaven on earth. That is why I have put up the Let's Care Foundation. I believe that we create our future. So when we all decide to make it different, Let's Care and put action in that. If we all would start to change the world, this will happen. I hope everybody will join us. that is the Us in Let Us Care. Together we create a better future and a new world!! Alone you are a drop, together we are an ocean.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is Identical to the Contact Person




  1. Planning /making materials

    • Orientation Forum on CRC and Republic act 7610 (TRAIN THE YOUTH ADVOCATES (Total 17200 Peso) *Honorarium(Resource Person) 500 x 4 times 2000,- total. PRODUCTION OF INFORMATION MATERIALS * 5000 brochures 40 peso each total of 20.000 peso * Making cartoon for in the brochure 4000 peso. * Making stickers with slogan e.g. "Say no to childabuse". 1000 pieces 20 peso per piece, total 20.000 peso. * Making posters 300 pieces, 50 peso per piece total 20.000,- * designing posters and stickers. 10.000 peso * Transportation of Lets Care Staff 2 500 peso 4 times, total of 4000 * Snacks for 130 young advocates 2 times: 60 peso pp = 7800 TOTAL 77.800 peso
    • €1,365
    • 5
  2. Carrying out advocay

    • Planning and carrying out advocay meetings at schools, communities. * Transportation costs to 18 municipalities to all officials involved. Hard to say how many, cause some barangys (ares consist out of 70 officials and some of 20). estimated 750 officials in 2012. Costs: 35000 peso. * Allowance young advocates informing schools: 300 peso = 39000 peso. We want to reach all elementary and higschools in San Jose de buenavista in 2012. When succesfull in other schools in the other municipalities. TOTAL 74.000 peso * Travel(flight) expenses Evaluation after first 10 months
    • €2,298
    • 51